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Tasmanian State Government

Tassie Cats -That’s Cats

We are people peopel, but we have truly become cat peopel too following the production of this quirky TassieCat Campain to help educate and encourage responsible cat ownership, we titled “That’s Cats.”

A series of short stories follows the tales of Scruffy the cat promoting desexing, microchipping, containment and not to feed strays, as he visits the vet, roams the neighbourhood and happily plays indoors.

The typical conservative community service announcement was given a cold shoulder in favour of developing a loveable character that people would be inclined to engage with and stand out. The campaign launch at 10 lives by MP Guy Barnett featured on Tasmanian news channels and appeared in all Newspapers across the state including the front page of Hobart’s Mercury. Say hi to Scruffy at

“We are People Peopel were great to work with. They brought a huge amount of enthusiasm and creativity to the project and it resulted in a fun and inspired video and advert series. From a strategic point of view they put a lot of thought how to best connect with our audience and create memorable adverts. The videos and advertising have significantly increased our campaign’s visibility.”
Nikki Brookman, Regional Cat Management Coordinator – TassieCat