Rethink Waste

In collaboration with the Tasmanian State Government, the Rethink Waste program was created with the support of the Cradle Coast Authority and Northern and Southern Waste Management, to create a campaign to help educate and encourage responsible disposal of personal/home waste with the emphasis on key messages to Avoid, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle we titled “ARRR.”

A series of short stories follows the good work people do in our community doing their part reducing waste. We created four online stories for the Rethink Waste website and social media and a further four 15 second cutdown TV commercials written and produced inhouse.

Following a workshop to gain a greater understanding of the importance of reducing landfill and the easy ways people can contribute to help taking steps toward a positive change to Avoid single-use plastic and drink bottles, Reduce using single-use nappies, Reuse shopping bags and containers and Recycle where we can, an ARRR moment struck home that this message needed to be heard changing peoples behaviour and changing the conversation. We understood no one likes to be told they’re wrong and what to do. especially by a government body. So we created a campaign that lead people come to their own conclusions and their own ARRR moments.

We avoided the typical conservative community service announcement in favour of developing stories with real people who would be inclined to engage and relate to the audience. The campaign continues to run and educate environmental-peopel across the state bringing a smile and laugh along the way.