Kiely Plumbing

Kiely Plumbing is a well known and recognised business on the North West coast of Tasmania for over 50 years. Over time, not a lot has changed in their business or the industry at large of what people and customers have come to expect from the trade. There was not a lot to define one business or brand from another.

Following a brand workshop and creating a strategic plan we developed a brand that was more female-friendly and considered. We recognised that women were more inclined to search and book a plumber, be more influential in selecting the brand and have a greater capacity to refer following a good experience. Our research also found a surprising statistic that there are only 2% of females in trades in Tasmania and an even smaller number of apprentices. This became our mission. To change perception and to change direction toward creating a safe and thoughtful workplace culture fostering, equality, diversity and inclusion focusing on improving the lives their people, community and environment, with purpose and meaning. This strategy formed the new name and positioning. Kiely. Plumbing with purpose.

It’s not just the right thing to do. It’s a good thing. In fact. Kiely has employed their first female apprentice and is now the first business in Tasmania to partner with Tradeswomen Australia with their pilot diversity and inclusion program and are committed to improving the number of women they employ.